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Geetanjali Singh
Shravani is a place where parents understand their childs hearing loss and where children begin their journey of learning to listen & talk.
Speech & Hearing -
Diagnostic & Therapy Centre

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cochlear implant

Our Cochlear Implant is as follows:

Step 1.   Initially the child & the members of his/her family are counselled about               Hearing Impairment.

Step 2.   Evaluation of suitability for Cochlear Implant including a trial of
              hearing aid.

Step 3.   Preparation for Cochlear Implant surgery.

Step 4.   Switch on of Cochlear Impalnt

Step 5.   Post Implant management including Mapping, Audiological
              assessment & Therapy.

Step 6.   Regular assessment to monitor & facilitate the child's progress.

Our organization "Shravani" is dedicated to support all hearing impaired children who undergo Cochlear Implant surgery. Cochlear Implant has become popular within the last few years and more popular in India. We take pre & post care of such cases. We are commited to provide them with outstanding services before and after the Cochlear Implant surgery. Total support is being provided by us.

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