"Shravani – Hear the world"

From the Director's Desk
Geetanjali Singh
Shravani is a place where parents understand their childs hearing loss and where children begin their journey of learning to listen & talk.
Speech & Hearing -
Diagnostic & Therapy Centre

59, Lancelot CHS, Bharat Baug
S.V.Road, Opp Kalyan Jewellers,
Borivali (West), Mumbai - 4000 092.
Mobile No: 07738555645
Tel. No : 022 - 2861 9555
E-mail: contact@shravani.in
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about shravani

SHRAVANI the word is derived from the word Shravan which in Sanskrit means "TO HEAR".

As a centre Shravani is known for its abiding passion for high quality of service to the speech & hearing impaired.

Something about Hearing Impairment, Deafness is as severe a handicap as blindness (if not worse). Being "invisible". It evokes no sympathy, unlike one sees towards the blind. On the contrary it is often the target of ridicule. Children born deaf face a world of silence, hence no speech, limited education, little change of gainful employment and, therefore, a life of dependence and social isolation. Imaging the fate of children who are otherwise as normal, intelligent and capable as any of us. If only we could restore their hearing, they would achieve anything that any of us or our children aspire for.

In case of infants it is easy to ignore hearing impairment as it is invisible disorder and also in most of the cases the ears appear to be normal. As all know that infants cannot tell by themselves that they cannot hear so it is difficult to detect, but still to everybody's knowledge hearing impairment is one of the most common birth defect seen these days.The most critical years for the development of language are from birth to 5 years hence early identification of hearing impairment enables us to give the child the enriched input he/she needs to develop early listening, learning & speech skills.

The main Motto of Shravani is -
"To hear the world"
"To integrate Hearing Impaired children into the educational mainstream."

shravani history

The organization has been registered as SHREE BALKRISHNA EDUCATIONAL PUBLIC TRUST which is founded by Ms. Geetanjali Singh & Mr. Ashutosh Singh. In the year 2000 with 3 childrens at the Borivali centre, gradually till date it has 5 centre's across out of which 3 are operating in Mumbai and 2 in Gujarat with a total strength of 375 families coming from all over India as well as countries like Kenya, Dubai & Canada. Its aim is to habilitate children with hearing impairment & integrate them into mainstream schools. Contrary to general belief 95% of the children with hearing impairment have residual hearing and with early detection & early intervention they can learn to listen & talk.